The Let’s Get Social Show Podcast

Episode 72 How the funeral industry is using social media effectively

May 17, 2021

Having a good online presence is key, especially when it comes to being found locally and beyond. One industry that has made strides with this is the funeral industry, which has embraced the importance of having well-designed websites and active social media channels.


In this episode, we chat with Mary Cunniffe former President of The Irish Association of Funeral Directors and now Branch Manager of Massey Brothers Funeral Directors, and Colm Kiernan who is Funeral Care and Communications Consultant at Funeral Director Solutions Ireland’s Specialist Web Design and Digital Marketing Service for Funeral Directors. He is also General Manager at Kieran Brothers Funeral Care and has been Public Relations Officer for The Irish Association of Funeral Directors.


If you are intrigued as to how this traditional industry is changing with the times tune in.

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